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Sheraton Mirage Resort
Gold Coast
Queensland, Australia

Conference dates:

18th November - 20th November
Pre/Post Events:
17th and 21st November

Welcome Party

Please join us on Monday night (17 November) for Welcome Cocktails in the Exhibitor Area, Sheraton Mirage. 7pm - 9pm.

Conference Schedule

Tuesday 18 Wednesday 19 Thursday 20

Premier Auction Domain Sales
9:00am Welcome Speech (15 mins)
Session 1- Domain Strategy
(1 hour 15mins)
Session 1- Acquiring Domains
(1.5 hours)
10:30am Morning Tea (30 mins) Morning Tea (30 mins) Break (30 mins)
11:00am Session 2- Industry Development (1.5 hours) Session 2- Web Development
(1.5 hours)
Session 1- New gTLD Domains
(1 hour)

Auction (12-2pm)

Rick Latona Auctions
including Buffet lunch
Domain Distribution Network
Lunch (1 hour)
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Lunch (1 hour)
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1:30pm Keynote Speaker: (1 hour)
Paul Twomey
Keynote Speaker: (1 hour)
Graeme Wood Founder
2:00pm Break (1 hour)
2:30pm Session 3- Law & Regulation
(1 hour)
Session 3- Monetization Alternatives
(1 hour)
3pm- Island Cruise
3:30pm Afternoon Tea (30 mins) Afternoon Tea (30 mins)
4:00pm Session 4- Australian Domains
(1 hour)
Session 4- Asset Sales
(1 hour)
Tropical Island Beach Party
5:00pm Break (1 hour) Break (1 hour)
6:00pm Pre-Dinner Drinks Pre-Dinner Drinks
6:30pm Beach BBQ Dinner
Gala Dinner
Domain Stories
ICA Charity Auction
Fabulous Dinner
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Aus Registry

Cocktail bar
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9:30pm Return from Island

Activity Days

Monday 17 Friday 21
Morning Afternoon Morning Afternoon

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Times include transport/travel time to activity location. Participants are to meet in the hotel lobby 15 minutes prior to this starting time.

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Conference Agenda

Domain Strategy - Watch Video

Mergers & Acquisitions

Ammar Kubba: Chief Strategy Officer, Thought Convergence, Inc.

Who are the buyers, sellers, and holders? Which mergers make sense? What are the deal spoilers? Will there be a Googlhoo, DemandSponsor, or FabDaddy?

Risk Analysis

Michael Gilmour: Blogmaster,

The domain industry is fraught with dangers. For every possible gain made through growth, acquisitions, innovation or cost cutting - there is a very real risk of the wheels coming off the bus. Can you avoid them or even use them as a market advantage?

Domain Economics

Dan Warner: CSO/COO,

Threshold technologies, supplier & buyer power, market efficiency, distribution conflicts, rate of sale and market determined pricing. Can economics tell us when we are getting it right or wrong?

Market Forces

Rick Latona: CEO,

Suppliers, buyers, competitors, new entrants, and alternative solutions all influence the market dynamics of the domain channel. With suppliers like VeriSign, traffic buyers like Google, and distribution chains like GoDaddy... where are the tipping points in our industry?

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Industry Development - Watch Video

Managing Community Risk

Michael Collins: Executive Director, Internet Commerce Association

Professional domain owners are at considerable risk from badly written legislation, overzealous regulation, negative publicity, poor representation on test cases forming precedents for common law, and a lack of self-regulation. These are community risks, as they cannot be adequately addressed by any one individual or organization. To combat these difficult issues it requires the industry to be represented centrally as a group. This session will address the needs of the community and how the ICA as an industry association can protect and serve its interests.

Industry Standards & Self Regulation

Mark Klein: Director of Business Development,

The domain community needs to be well organized in order to become the most effective and profitable it can be. The community needs to identify and adopt standards, language, reporting, statistics, definitions, schemas, tools, and codification of industry practice. Through this adoption inefficiencies can be found, points of contention can be dealt with, and hyper-competition can be squashed. Who are the market players? What market shares do they have? What is best practice domain ownership?

Community Development

Mike Fiol: Managing Director/Analyst,

Communities are only as strong as the relationships they form, collaboration, and effective communication. The domain community needs to find a way to unify. Can there be one central place of communication? Where is the research being done? What vehicles are there to publish? How do we share knowledge?

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Law & Regulation - Watch Video

UDRP & WIPO Unveiled

Howard Neu: Co-Fndr. & VP, Sec., Treas., T.R.A.F.F.I.C.

This is your opportunity to be guided through the ins and outs of these common and often confusing processes. Is this process or justice?

Interest Group Review

Michael Collins: Executive Director, Internet Commerce Association

Coalition Against Domain Name Abuse (CADNA), and other interest groups. An introduction to the broad agendas of these organizations including the good and occasional evils they are doing.

Case Law Review

John Berryhill, Ph.d., Esq.

This presentation is a kiss and tell review of interesting court cases and UDRP decisions. Well executed decisions, travesties of justice, and some comic relief.

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Australian Domains - Watch Video

.AU Regulation

Erhan Karabardak: Director, Cooper Mills Lawyers

auDA develops and implements domain name policy for Australian domains; licenses registrars; creates consumer safeguards; facilitates dispute resolution policy, and represents the Australian community at ICANN. IP Australia receives and process applications, conducts hearings and decides on disputed matters relating to the granting or denial of Australian IP rights. auDA, AusRegistry and IP Australia regulate, manage, and police Australian domains and websites. The mission of ICANN is to coordinate the global Internet's systems of unique identifiers, and in particular to ensure the stable and secure operation of the Internet's unique identifier systems. Where does the role of each of these entities begin, end, and overlap? Who regulates the regulators?

.AU Domain Market

Adrian Kinderis: CEO, AusRegistry

The Australian domain market has grown by 1 million (to 1.25 million) domains after the introduction of the new Regulatory and Registry System in June 2002. The continued growth of .AU has been the result of many factors including changes in policy, increased competition, effective marketing, lower domain prices and increased participation of practices such as domain monetization, domain tasting and the new secondary market. Who are the stakeholders that influence or impede the growth of the .au namespace? Where does .AU go from here and is explosive growth sustainable?

.AU Monetization

Chris Disspain: CEO, auDA

What monetization methods are allowed in the Australian domain space that fall within auDA guidance? This session will explore what is deemed as appropriate from the regulators point of view.

.AU Domain Sales

Kartic Srinivasan: Product Manager, Melbourne IT

The level of market efficiency by which assets are bought and sold is a strong determinate of its tradable value. When assets are hindered by regulation or paperwork and barriers persist to slow the transfer of property, those assets are diminished in value. Conversely, when assets are available with great liquidity it encourages the transfer of assets to the buyer who most wants the asset (by paying the most). The higher a domain purchase price is, the stronger the incentive to fully develop the asset by the buyer. auDA has authorised the use of Australian domain names to be actively bought and then re-sold. This liquidity is encouraging domain owners who own valuable domains, but have had little desire to develop them, to sell their domains. This provides great opportunity for Australian businesses to access these domains. This session will discuss in detail the mechanisms for domain liquidity.

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Acquiring Domains - Watch Video

Wholesale Scavenging

Sean Stafford: Author, DomainGraduate and CEO, Elvate LLC

Finding new domains to own is an art. Whether it be through registration mining, portal scanning, drop services, or a more direct approach to domain owners - buying has significant challenges. What are the best methods and have you really thought of everything?

Domain Metrics

Kellie Peterson: Director of Marketing & Operations,

What makes a domain work? Is there a secret sauce or is traffic revenue the primary indicator? Can regression analysis reveal the underlying truths?

So you want to own a Registrar?

Divyank Turkhia: President, Directi

Owning your own registrar has definite security and potentially monetary advantages. Is owning your own registrar a viable option, a new revenue source, or just a pain to deal with? Do you trust the registrar you are with today?

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Web Development - Watch Video

Content is King Again

Craig Rowe: President,

Automatically generated, free license, user-generated, spam content, original work, and authority content - all have their own costs and benefits. Are you trying to game the search engines or feed them what they really want? Is the purpose to be a spam site, a media property, selling products, or creating a long term business?

Products & Services: Build, Buy or Outsource

Ron James: Founder, NamePros

Time to market, return on investment, available capabilities, risk aversion, and brand value are all good reasons to choose the right development path. Innovation is risky, buying proprietary products can be restrictive, and outsourcing isn't as easy as it sounds. Are you building better websites, a better business, or both. Do you want to dig for gold or sell the shovels?

Search Engine Optimization

Ryan Steel: SEO Specialist,

Are you outsmarting the search engines to get free traffic, or just ensuring a level playing field? Can SEO still work when it's done in scale for thousands of web sites or do the rules just change to compensate. Was your domain blacklisted before you bought it?

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Monetization Alternatives - Watch Video

Banner Advertising

Did you know that until recently more advertising dollars were spent on banner ads than search traffic? Brand, brand, brand = traditional advertising. Has it changed that much online? Is the visual representation of a products brand more important than the sales it generates?


Is Commerce Content?

Robert Tomkinson: Managing Director,

Expedia, Amazon,, eBay, Barnes & Noble, and others offer content for free. Product titles, descriptions, images, booking engines, and other content can look great to a search engine - but will it last? The good news is that this content makes great looking websites; the bad news is search engines may want these advertisers to pay them directly. Will they compromise search engine integrity for better revenue?

Hot Leads, Cool Profits

Matt Bateman: COO, Commission Monster

Is a user's form submission, phone call, or software download a more effective means to convert the user.... or does it just create barriers to the user interacting directly with the advertiser?

Monetize a Domain, build a Brand, or create a Business?

Chris Bayley: Director, Domain Partners

We all have choices. Park domains, build stellar media brands or fully functioning businesses. Parking is easy, profitable, requires little capital, and you get a check each month. Most domains are parked, but where is the fun in that? Are we missing opportunities? Is the "return on investment" better on the other side of the fence, or is the grass green enough with parking? This presentation examines the balance between finding new return customers or just profiting from the ones you already have.

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Asset Sales - Watch Video


John Mauriello: Domain Sales Specialist,

Assets are worth only the price that a buyer will pay for it, and the seller will liquidate it for - at a specific point in time. In the real world values are set by historical trends of similar sales at a similar time. Then again - anecdotal sales are fun to talk about, but how reasonable are they to base ongoing sales strategy with? So how does an asset owner know what their sale price should be for a domain, domain portfolio, media property or a business?

Sales Channel

Jackson Hopkins: CTO, Domain Distribution Network

The registrar aftermarket, legacy portals, brokers, auctions and other channels - the rate of sale for domains is a key determinate of domain value. Exploring all channels of liquidation is essential to maximizing your return on investment. Selling more domains, with the widest distribution over the longest period of time offers competitive pressure to increase prices and maximize profitability. Why wouldn't everyone sell domains for retail prices every day?

Financial Modeling

Richard Moore: CEO, Dark Blue Sea

Holding costs, risk, time value of money, net present value calculations, discounted cash flows and other financial views. How do you maximize your efforts to generate significant returns? What are reasonable profits? Are you counting your own time into the cost of investments? Is your ego more important than financial efficiency?

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New gTLD Domains

Hype or Hyper?

Page Howe: President, Digital Brands

Is the new gTLD land rush going to make money for anyone but ICANN? How will these products, marketing, distribution and pricing work? Can anyone really be a registry? Are new gTLDs a risk or opportunity?

Intellectual Property Issues

Edmon Chung: CEO, DotAsia Organisation

Can there be a .shop & .shopping? Will trademark owners register their brand in each new TLD or just litigate? Is a trademark sunrise period the best model or should there be a generic sunrise first? What will the new UDRP processes be? How will the market react to a plethora of new TLDs? How should registries promote a new TLD, bringing value to the extension and its registrants and investors?

A Loaded Deck?

Jothan Frakes: Senior Director of Strategy, Moniker/SnapNames

Are existing registrars & registrar services the likely ones to be awarded the registry contracts? They have proven technology, experience, relationships, marketing knowledge, and financial backing - why would ICANN pick anyone else?

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Domain Stories

Web Business: Developing Development: Sports, Snacks and More

Jay Chapman: President, DigiMedia

The phenomenal team at DigiMedia embraces multiple forms of web business "development" within its amazing domain portfolio. With brief looks at, and more, Jay will provide a glimpse into these forms and share how, with the right set of domains and passionate persistence, to plant seeds for major internet businesses.

Media Property:

Jen Sale: Partner Manager, Dark Blue Sea started from humble beginnings and developed into an online furniture media brand. Purchased for US$35,000, it eventually sold for over US$300,000 - which didn't include the development work! This domain case study explores adding significant value to a domain, and then selling it without the work that essentially made it great.

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