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Sheraton Mirage Resort
Gold Coast
Queensland, Australia

Conference dates:

18th November - 20th November
Pre/Post Events:
17th and 21st November

Internet Commerce Association

The net conference attendence and sponsorship proceeds will be donated to the Internet Commerce Association.

The ICA is a grass roots association which has been formed to ensure domain services and owners are robustly represented in areas of great risk and importance to the domain community. The ICA requires funds to enable activities related to legislative lobbying; regulatory representation; industry public relations; legal test case support; industry publication of statistics and reports; revenue research; and market intelligence.

Their intent is to act as a singular voice for the interests of domain owners and related services globally. Together we stand for industry justice, individually we support the community effort.

Your sponsorship and attendence directly supports the ICA. Please actively participate and sponsor your industry association.

To join the ICA please click here:

Domain Auction Donations

TRAFFIC Down Under held a charity auction of ten premium domain names with the revenue donated to the Internet Commerce Association (ICA), a non-profit advocate for the domain name industry.

The ten domains that were auctioned off were:

  • - donated by Kevin J. Sinclair, Vanclair LLC - sold for US$200 bought by Howard Hoffman
  • - donated by Anonymous - sold for US$400 boughtby Matt Dickinson
  • - donated by Howard Hoffman, PPC Income sold for US$1,000 boughtby
  • - donated by Rick Latona sold for US$1,500 bought by Rick Latona
  • - donated by sold for US$1,200 bought by Robert Sanadli
  • - donated by - sold for US$1,500 bough tby Edwin Hayward
  • - donated by sold for US$1,800 bought by Jay Westerdal
  • - donated by sold for US$5,000 bought by Darren Cleveland
  • - donated by sold for US$1,000 bought by Howard Hoffman
  • - donated by sold for US$5,200 bought by Howard Neu